Open in 10 Years Time

By TrangressiveGlamour

Dear future-self,

So what, you’re like 28-29 now, well if this is exactly ten years in the future like it’s supposed to be, anyway. I wonder if you remember what it’s like for me right now, tense and nervous, waiting for something but not sure if it’ll happen. Or maybe you’ve forgotten as adults so often do.

Are you happy? I’d like to know, if you’re not it doesn’t matter but I hope that you are. Where are you living now? What are you doing day in and day out? Do you still talk to the people that we used to or do you have a new set of friends? There’s a lot that I want to ask, so much I want to know. Reply to me if you get this.

I’m happy. Right now at least. I have good friends and a long summer stretching ahead of me, music in my ears sometimes and beautiful silence at others. Do you still like the same music? Does it still make your heart burst when you hear those lyrics that I love to sing along to? I wonder what your summer looks like, if you have someone that loves you, if you have papers to grade and books to read. Are you more patient? Are you coping better with the stress and the procrastination?

I decided yesterday that I’m fine with myself and for the first time in a long time I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I know it seems silly and probably more so to you, because you’re the bigger and better me, the one with the adult ways and the experiences that I haven’t yet had under your belt. The thing is though, I don’t care because I’m going to start living for me and I’m going to make a change and it will make you the person that you are when you read this letter.

When we meet one day do you promise to smile at me in the mirror when you brush your teeth and to sing out loud instead of under your breath? I want to see us be confident and full of life, I want us to stop crying when nobody can see. Future-self I promise that I’ll be a better person from here on out, so that when I see you, when you open this letter, when you read it back to yourself, you’ll know that you're the best that we can be.

Yours sincerely,


Open in 10 Years Time

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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