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By caffeinebabe

guys, my english is bad, i realize that. sorry))

So, Sarahalyse suggested to connect stuff from pocket or purse with emotional condition by poems. At least i understand it in that way.
I imagine it on an international scale: our stuff is what we are, they disclose us. And it is easy way to know more about people from different countries, about their culture, about their lifes. We look at the stuff and we realize what kind of human this person is, what he wants, what he likes. If we collect pictures from many countries with short description ( for example: Mary 21, Morocco) we can make a book ( article, site ) about our world, about us -population of the Earth.
Also it is intresting to see what is general for all people and what is specific for each nation.

I know it is more about investigation and less about art, but it can be very intresting in decorative

new idea about

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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