Old and Gracious

By Shaina Doll

Just a little something I wrote a while back. My- does this make me feel nostalgic of those summer days! I was and still am an ameature writer, so please be nice..hah =)

Pushed the key in the ignition then drove in the morning dawn.
Driving away, when instead I could have stayed.

Laying tucked under his arm with my head pressed against his chest.
Then is when it came to thought, that in the night sleeping, I was not alone.

Parked on west magnolia, and stared blankly through the glass.

Sweet words trickled out his lips threading through my ears,
the breath of whispers tickled the nape of my neck.

Stepped into a room with many people, but I saw no one.
Then sitting with a brew of French roast, my lips splashed by the heat.

The warmth of his neck against my lips, trailed up his chin to his cheek
then to his temple, then the lid of his shut eye, and down to the bottom lip.

Across from me an old man sharing smiles with a gracious old woman.

I rose from under the weight of his arm, saw him as he slept.
Where I laid was an empty space, one not intended for me, I felt.

Who knows of the love and laughs those two lived in youthful nights.
A night I had delivered by fate, but a trick, or a game it seemed.

The creek in the floor by my foot woke his eyes, and I came near to his face.
I kissed goodbye as he knew it was the end, but should have it been?

I heard his voice grunting my name behind the door I shut.

If I hadn’t shut and left the door I would have been what was now in front of me.
Sharing smiles in the reflection of his brown eyes, old and gracious.

Old and Gracious

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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