Ode to the Butterfly

By Love4Music92

I wrote this as a school assignment but became something I was pretty proud of and inspired me to write more poems in this style.

Ode to the Butterfly

The sky
The breeze that
Carries into the warm sun.
Soaring with a calm pace
Peacefully expressing purity
Each color that brightens the day.
The feeling of freedom
With limitless ends
Ties of friendship nestled
Into each bond.
The spread of love
With wings wide open.
Shared with a single gust
Across to all who are joined.
Eyes that see beyond
Across the earth.
From the rustle of the grass
To the sparkle of the stars.
Falling, gliding
Touching the earth.
The aroma of rain
With a mixture of color
Peddles falling
Washed into sleep.
Shadows slip through fingers
Of seeds harvest as
Sweet as nectar.
Sun that warms
The wings of love,
Never to fly away.
Slowly covered in
The shadows
With a burst of light
Rivers flowing
Dagger of flames
Hidden in the trees.
Hide the secrets
That it keeps.
Beauty that never fades.
Display of loves true passion
Flames that sparkle
Into the night.
Never to rest the
Grace of peace,
Loves only fighting force
From your hands
I fly away
Into the night sky
That turns into day

Ode to the Butterfly

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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