Love and Blood

By FrozenSkies

Wherever I looked,
I saw blood.
Wherever I turned,
It was on my hands,
My face,
My chest.
I can taste it in my mouth.
That metallic taste.
I look down.
There’s a hole.

I feel a pain in my knees.
Did I fall?
I can’t remember.
But, I do remember this room.
It used to be white.
Now it’s red.
Such an odd color.
It can be something beautiful.
Like love.
Or something frightening.
Like blood.

It hurts.
I close my eyes and open them.
I’m on my back now.
Familiar faces all looking at me.
They look puzzled.
I close my eyes for the last time.
I’m happy,
That the last thing I saw,
Were my friends faces,
And not blood.
Not red.

Love and Blood

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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