By TheGreatMasturbator

Old prose.

"God is dead," spoke Mustachio, "and we have murdered him."
Authorities found the body yesterday afternoon after receiving a tip from a pious man who asked to remain Synonymous.
The pious informant delivered the sermon via phone saying, "God is everywhere." Authorities refused to comment on whether or not Synonymous had been named an accomplice.

"Do you hear," Mustachio stood on the stations pews and demanded that something be done, "Who will act? Where is justice? What a crime. What an abomination! God is everywhere; God is dismembered."
"You're going to sit down or I'm going to come over there and lay my hand on you."
"Dismembered," spoke Mustachio,"dismembered."

The authority prepared his hand for rest, but when Mustachio saw the palm approach he jumped over the pew and ran out of the station and into the starry night of the twilight of Idols. Washed before him was an open street, which was both exhilarating and terrifying.


Created: Jul 16, 2009


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