His Eyes Define My Soul

By KayEm

I admit....
From youth on my mind overtook me...not only did I imagine..I exploded. The fan will blow that soft lavender smell and as my eyes close, my heart races and the worlds come back like I visited yesterday.

Then why....does he, as a dream I have never had..haunt my head?

It starts with the heart beat.
Picture those sweet eyes.
The mind starts to speed...nay..exaggerate.
When he smiles my heart blooms.

It's being in love for the last time. You've felt that ..regardless what happens, he's forever burned in your soul.

A picture you've never watched. A hand you've never held.

He inspires what has never been said. For any and all who crave innovation.

If only my lips could convey, or my fingers express what is trapped in my mind..like fireflies in a jar.

To say at the last you have captivated my ideas and thrive, without knowing, on my Passion for life and you.

His Eyes Define My Soul

Created: Jul 29, 2010


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