Flickering Lights Reprise

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Each night, right after we screened our film FLICKERING LIGHTS, we’d turn all the house and stage lights completely off, take out anything that flickered and shined them at each other. Magic.  

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Created: Mar 11, 2013

Tags: standing, neon, cinematpgraphy, close up, thoughts, tree, childhood, high res, crowd, colors, season, beautiful, sony, daytime, focus, outdoor, soul, handheld, happiness, 16:9, parents, eyes, regularjoe, effects, science fiction, indoor, transition, hd, joseph gordon-levitt, poetry, signage, moments, walking, life, visual, hitrecord on the road, weather, live show, venue, short film, vision, remix, dreams, 1080p, edit, flowers, dreamlike, peace, remixed, darkness, magical, kids, blips, symbolism, emotional, dogs, collaboration, poem, people, love, stock footage, animals, family, heart, version, b-roll, glow, landscapes, applause, high definition, cameras, scenery, surreal, roads, forest, wirrow, joy, phones, action, digital, footage, actors, red lights, audience, sign, nature, woods, live action, sleep, balcony, titles, stage, touch, nightime, imagery, words, images, lighting

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