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A Good Book Never Can Say Goodbye (dialogue)

By Murker

 “I thought you loved me.”

 “I did.  I do love you.  It’s just that I’ve got to move on.  We’ve come to the end.”

 “Can’t you read me over again?”

“I could, but there’s another book I’m interested in.”

“There’s another book?!  You’ve been looking at other books while reading me?”

 “Not seriously, just skimming through the pages.”

 “Skimming you say, and was it hard cover or paperback?”

 “I don’t think that matters.  It's neither, it's on a Kindle. Besides, you can’t judge a book by…”

 “Don’t say it.  A Kindle? Are you having a mid-life crisis? Where's the Corvette and 18-year old babe?”

 “What's your point?”

 “I don’t know what the point of having more than one book if it’s a good one, like me.”

 “Because I like to read, that’s why. No one reads just one book!”

 “If you had one book to take on a desert island, what would it be?”

 “I don’t know; the dictionary.”

“That’s not a book, that’s an autopsy report. A really good book is about the arrangement of words to create life that lives forever!”

“Okay, War and Peace.”

”How can anyone remember all those names?  You don’t have the stamina to tackle Tolstoy.”

“Moby Dick.”

 “Too wet.”

 “Grapes of Wrath.”

 “Too dry.”

 “I’m picking a book not a wine.”

 “Both should be chosen with good taste and knowledge.”

 “One Hundred Years of Solitude, on a desert island, final answer.”

 “Did you even once think of choosing me?  Of course not, I’m yesterday’s news. So, what’s the new one?”

 “I’m still browsing.”

“You’ve already given it my bookmark haven’t you?  Where’s my bookmark?  You’ve put it in another book haven’t you?  That bookmark’s been around hasn’t it?”

“What are you talking about? It is right here, brand new, the same one the bookstore gave me when I picked you up.”

“So that’s how you think of it?  I feel so cheap.”

“I paid full price.  I heard lots of good reviews.  My friends really enjoyed you.”’

“You and your friends like to gossip.  I’m a great piece of pulp, is that it?”

“I never said that.”           

“So typical, always so cryptic, you share nothing of yourself.  While I’m an open…”

 “Don’t say it.”

 “Well, I have a bit of gossip myself. It seems your sister wants me. She needs something interesting to take with her on vacation.”

 “Don’t be absurd.  You’re not her type.”

 “Don’t be too sure. I heard her say she was tired of dating losers and really just wanted to crawl in bed with a good book. I may be a little dog earred and my binding isn't as tight as it used to be but I still know how to captivate a reader.”

 “Well, it’s not going to happen. I mean, she can buy her own book, why does she want mine?”   

 “I thought you were done with me. What do you care? 

 “Listen, I’ve changed my mind. What’s the rush? Why I haven't even finished you yet! Remember when I couldn't put you down? I took you everywhere and you were all I talked about. I lost myself in you.  I’ll reread you over and over. I’ll take you out with me to restaurants, parks, Starbucks, wherever you want. In fact, how about we go to the beach like the good old days? Let me get your dust jacket.”





A Good Book Never Can Say Goodbye  (dialogue)

Created: Mar 11, 2013

Tags: dialogue, fantasy, book, goodbye, cheating, infidelity, kindle, pages, comedy, murker, a good book, mid life crisis, dust jacket, love, open book, break up, dialogue tales

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