Fake Histories: The Sunflower

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It was summertime in the year one. Out in an open field, a furious battle was raging. The sun was fighting with a momo, a hideous, towering flower with petals of grey and pollen that was pure black, over who should have control over the field. The battle raged for days, the sun and the momo exchanging powerful blows, until finally the battle ended in a bright flash of light. The sun and the momo had struck at the same time, and with such force, that they fused for an instant. The momo suddenly became filled with color, it's petals now as bright as the sun itself. Both were so pleased with this outcome that the battle ended in peace. The sun then went on to give a little bit of itself to every momo in existence, and declared that from then on, the momos would be known as sunflowers.

Created: Jul 28, 2010

Tags: sunflower, sun

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