Wings, take me to flight.

By buzzair

He wandered in front of the apartment complex for hours, pacing back and fourth and back and fourth. It was painfully obvious that the man was insane. He had a wild look in his eyes that screamed "I can and will bash your brain in and successfully hide the corpse from ever being found." His red greasy hair and unapproachable stench made it painfully obvious that he hasn't showered in weeks. The bottom of his dusty, off coloured, brown trench coat was all ripped up and scratched due to dragging against the ground while he was in his repetitive pacing.

He was there all day. But, due to the normal insanity and restlessness of the tormenting and uncaring city, no one notice this insane creature of a man.

At precisely 10:43 P.M., the man entered the building. While screaming a bellowing scream as he climbed up the stairs. This awakened all the inhabitants of the poor excuse of the housing development. He burst through the roof entrance and ripped off his over coat which revealed that he was wearing nothing but dress pants. He let out a frightening scream that would scare even the most horrifying demon from the depths of hell. Everyone within a five block radius stopped what they were doing and came out to the streets to view the spectacle he was making of himself. He took his unwashed, unclipped, dirty nails and proceeded to claw open the skin over his shoulder blades. When his back was ripped open and his hand were covered in his blood, he walked to the edge of the building and roared out a statement that would rival what has been said by all the crazies before him. "MY WINGS WILL GUIDE ME INTO THE LIGHT! I WILL BE SAVED BY THE WARM, FORGIVING HAND OF MY LORD!" He stretched out his arms and looked towards the sky. The lights from the police cars created a shadow of a cross against the red brick wall behind him. He shouted towards the heavens, "WINGS, RETURN ME TO MY HOME!" He took a step forward and pushed off as if to fly off into the sky and straight through the clouds above the polluted city.

He fell.

He fell fast.


He hit with a thud.

Wings, take me to flight.

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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