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just a little thought i had

We are Giants unaware
Of our power and influence.
Our footsteps mince like mice
When they should pound and resound
And shake the mountains down.
We whisper and simper
When our words should make evil men whimper
And kowtow and back down from their evil intentions.
We hunch and shrink
And think to hide our divine shine
In hopes of making others comfortable.
What a load of BULL.
Soon no one will notice we are here
And our greatest fear should be
That we walk unnoticed
Through this land of mental midgets and dwarves
With the power to change the course of this world
But instead we let it spin to its oblivion
Without lifting a powerful hand
Or a powerful voice
Without making a single noise
Or choice
To stop the destruction.

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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