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hello, my dear:)

"Let's start the show in our hearts. That may be more important?"
Today was one of the strangest days of my stay in my hometown. town seemed so small, that could interbreed on the balcony of my apartment in St. Petersburg. As soon as I thought about it in his eyes felt terribly lonely and afraid. Is my whole life before moving could fit on some balcony? all my joy and sadness, passion and regret, raging with my friends and peaceful family dinners with my mother, friends, dogs and cats, and grandparents, he, his eyes, his hands, his arms ... it all!
important because it is not important, it turns out ...
but I was not upset ... no, I'm not upset. I like my balcony:)

(This photo from the balcony)

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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