Vitruvian Sin

By ananda

I feel the air with a kind of tension
I stare at you standing close to the window
Smoking your cigarrete in a peaceful way
Distant look in your eyes
Like you were in another dimension

Your hair, black as ebony,
A little bit messed
Falling over your eyes
Oh...those blue eyes
Two crystalline drops of ocean
Enough to drown me deep inside of you
Then, I stare at your nose
Pretentious and imposing
I pretend to avoid your lips
But they seem to move and breath my name
Full, lusty and opulent lips

You look down the street
Giggle a little bit
No, I could never forget about your smile
All I know is canvas could never capture its light
I like the way your teeth are aligned
Guarding the fountain of the greatest pleasures
Your sweet, soft and warm tongue
The one that gives me butterflies
Everytime it touches mine
All the time it runs over my body

You turn back to bedroom
Pick up the ashtray
Your body against the light
What can I say about your skin...
White, pale, just like marble
I stare at your chest and shoulders
They have perfect dimensions
Not too large, not too sturdy
Hairless chest sprinkled with freckles
Wide shoulders leading to your arms
Arms that make me feel safe
Arms that hold me in sign of possession
Yes, I'm yours, I whisper with passion
And when you hold me I can feel your hands
Firm, but delicate hands
Gifted with such a velvet touch
You run your fingertips down my spine so gently
That makes me shiver
Takes my breath away
Oh... you and your long fingers...

You get close to me on bed
What makes me look straight to your belly
It's plain, with no muscles
Teasing me with those entrances along your hip-bones
I see you're wearing a black towel
I won't talk about what's forbidden
Because what's forbidden is way more tempting

You return to the window to look down the street
You say something but I can't seem to hear
You're standing there, sideface
The curve of your round bottom
Leading my eyes to your legs
Your strong and stout thighs
Reminding me the way I feel
When they rub against mine

You call my name to get my attention
For a second I feel scared
And in response to that I close my eyes
Don't want to wake up if this is a dream
So I feel those lips kissing my shoulder
Right on the curve that leads to my neck
'You're beautiful. I want you now' you whisper
And with your hand behind my head
And your body on top of mine
You lay me down on bed to fulfill me one more time.

Ananda Alves

Vitruvian Sin

Created: Jul 28, 2010

Tags: poetry; romance; sin; love; bedroom; intimate

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