By laurenchancellor

Such a powerful word.
It sounds like more then just an emotion.
More then anger and sadness and disappointment
All mixed together.

It's the line that crosses between
Trust and No Trust
It's the deciding factor in
Who you love
Who you cry about
And who you forget

It's such an easy thing to do.
Stabbing someone in the back,
Breaking a friendship or even a love,
Leaving someone heartbroken and exposed
Never to heal perfectly
Not even over the sands of time.
Other things can fill the holes,
But rarely something that seemed to fit as good as the first

Your experiences shape how you are
But almost more true ...
The people who hurt you do.
As you'll always try to heal
And never let someone do it to you again

But it happens anyway.


Created: Jul 28, 2010


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