Getting Better

By Lil Red

Everyday, I make a list of things that I need to do. Sometimes, they're silly mindless mundane things, like 'do the dishes' or 'paint the hallway' or something or other. And then sometimes, they're things that I need to remind myself of, like 'take each day as it comes'. And sometimes, they're tasks that would seem so simple to most people, like 'get out of bed', when sometimes they're the hardest ones to complete.

I thought I'd share yesterday's list with you, because everyone's art on here is an insight into that person and their life, so here's an insight into mine. It's nothing maybe of particular importance, but yesterday was a good day for a change. I'm probably not the only one with lists like these, but I know I'm one who's not afraid to share them.

Sorry if I'm rambling, haha :)

Getting Better

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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