By TonyAn

She closes her eyes of divinity
She the only importance, the reason for I
Her face the creation of man but image of gods
Her lips her ears her nose her eyes all the same as others
But yet she holds something that others do not
She is everything and nothing
And she is mine
I interlock our fingers
"Sin and Purity"
She exhales a deep breath and holds on tighter to me
She is everything and nothing
But most importantly she is mine
Her touch echoes through me
Leaving no nerve untouched
My body tries to fly to the heavens
But all does not allow it to do so
For SHE shall awake
My mind drifts to the memories
She induces with every breath
She is everything and nothing
Oh how grand she is mine
The night moves on and I neither seek sleep
Nor does it come
For she has enchanted me
And has trapped me with her grace
"Shall I be Bold Romeo with my own Juliet?"
My lips become predictors
Her face prey
My lips strike sharp and quick
Executing a perfect kiss
But by doing so she shatters before me
My world spins
And I am now minuscule
While all is large
Each tear speaks out its apology to her
Creating a sea of sorrows
She was everything and nothing
And now she is gone
My heart explores this world
My mind the rest
My body the physical
And my soul the skies
I’m in a room of glass
My actions are now close to pure
For now that the years have past I have tried to be as her
In hope that I and her shall be found once more
Time and space now are the same
For I now seek her in all possibilities
I am drawing close to the 12th hour of today
It seems that I shall not find her
For I have searched years not days
And my all tiers
For I have pushed life for I have pushed reality for her
Created fantasies
And destroyed insanity
The glass room is now shattering
I suppose this is my end
The frames shatter
And the pleasures have become shards
“I am giving in
For she was my everything
And now she has left me with nothing”
The rooms collapse
The roof comes down
It is the Armageddon of me
My last stand
I see the shards fall each falling on my head
Creating what seemed a crown of pain
I utter her name underneath my breath
Like a pray for now she is my only saint
My only savior
I repeat it slowly each time
So that it can be heard throughout the nothingness
For nothing else can be uttered and be heard
I await my judgment
Not stopping my prayer
I feel a touch
It no longer echoes but thunders through me
Stimulating an ecstasy of feeling to every inch of my body
I then open my eyes and shut them
“Lest I shall Taint Again”
I feel her smile and hear her touch
I taste her voice
Her touch spoke for she is of no need of words
She has saved me for the infinith time again
It seems as if she never left
Her lips her ears her nose her eyes all the same
But yet she seems greater than ever before
She moves in her sleep and I notice that she has not said a word
In my mind, body, and soul I have quested her for years
But in reality it has only been a less than a second of time
I close my eyes and test this theory
I am where I was in the pain and the misery
And as I open them she is changed even greater than before
It is nightmare without her
And dreamland with

For every blink I am in agony
For every sleep I die
For she is my everything
My nothing


Created: Jul 28, 2010


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