By TonyAn

The mind is but lost in a state of limbo
Neither anticipating nor ready for what is to come
The foe that stands is one that none can easily escape
And while the heart pumps fast the body is numb
Time isn’t relevant at this point
The drug is ready to enter
The eyes act like the vessel and entry point to the misery to arrive
The eyes, oh eyes of temptation, do not know
The mind now translates the image and flips it to its glory
And is instantly caught in the web it should have feared
The plague runs through the veins that it once traveled in before
The heart is now accelerated to a point of pain
The body too burns with warmth and hysteria
The dopamine is in and tempting the vessel it must feed on
Stumbling over words, fearing contact of any type
Fearing all but what is already inside
The nibble, keen mind now falls to a fool
The eyes now know what they cause and fight to look away
But it’s no use they are now attracted to and feel a need to stare
The organs now feel a pain
The limbs now feel weak
All hope is gone for self control
But as quick as the drug entered, quicker does it leave
And if misery struck before
Misery strikes worse now
For in the presence of it being in the mind
In the body and heart
It has become a necessity
A want, a “love”
And with each aching glance
Once more does the mind enter such a trance
Destroying right and wrong
Depriving all melody from songs
Creating only a world of its own


Created: Jul 28, 2010


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