"Wirrow's Ghost" Video: Dreadlock Stew

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So Venn's asked me if I would make a record of me working on the mask - give some insight of how I made it. This seemed like a good time as IT WILL BE DONE THIS WEEKEND VENNS (I had to add some circuitry to the brain you see.)
I will post the final headress - which I've named "Wirrow's Ghost" for obvious reasons - this weekend. Then it will be off to Germany! (And DressityDress will be circling the globe.)
But for now I wanted to share this important step. But just FYI: when I mention "bleeding" for a project I mean accidentally slicing myself with a tool or the metal or something - I do NOT purposely cut myself and bleed all over stuff. LOL. I'm a bit looney but not that far gone! Heh.
Hope you like it - I usually work alone.
NOTE TO VENNS: the eyes photographed brownish - I will fix that. They look black in person, but not on video.
Best and stuff :^D

Created: Jul 28, 2010

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