grey matter

By riana6

these long grey, dreary deadened days
foretold to me, by many a weary hopeful deterrer
heightened sensitivity, to absence of colour vividly
experimentalist in me numbed, reflecting the pallor
who can express adequately, self afflicted degradation?
who cares to explore black bones protruding from the ice?
aluminum will speak to them my volume,
and betray the extent of gravity that has taken hold.
who would dare to beat the frozen ground with iron and wood?
heat the crests of green beneath the crust with their breath
exalt me, forked tongue, bring me before god
light in bursts so bright as to exonerate
or condemn me once an for all.
will i ever see the forgotten wealth of spring,
taste the royal jelly of humid summer,
experience the fireworks of leaves being shed from trees
or will i succumb to misery before the fall?

grey matter

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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