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I saw a boy on the train today
Looking straight at me
Head cocked
And eyes opened wide
Expression puzzled as can be

I met his eyes inquisitively
Staring strongly back
But he continued to stare
Seemingly unaware
That the train had stopped in its tracks

A screeching halt
And he lost his balance
Blushing a mighty red
He fumbled for something to clutch
Trying desperately to look ahead

But I was still staring
Really, really, staring
Although my ma always thought it rude
I couldn’t help but stare
At this gangly and awkward
Yet oddly interesting dude

“Somerset Station”
Came a voice from above
God-like in its announcement
He jumped to his feet
And patted his pockets
At this sudden pronouncement

He brushed my shoulder as he passed
But stopped right before the doors...

My name is Ben.

A pause.
A smile.

What's yours?


Created: Jul 28, 2010


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