Just Outside My Window

By alikkat

My eyes fall to the counter,
There lies my acceptance letter
To Western Washington University.
My chance to leave
Arizona State University
Is sitting right in front of me.
My heart pulls me left
And then it pulls me right.
Which way do I choose?
To the right is my dream,
One full of lush green
And trees as far as the eye can see.
It’s a new life
Where I can get my future education;
An opportunity to leave
My past behind me.
But then there’s the left.
I see the love of my life
Holding my hand on the road
I am already on;
One filled with desert
And rocks. There are also
Problems that I am forced to
Face. My family may be there
But leaving the nest is the
Way of life.
So I must ask myself:
Do long distance relationships work?
Will I be missing the chance of a lifetime?
Then I look to the falling sun
As it touches the desert with gold
And fills the sky with pink and
Purple clouds. I feel at peace;
That is when I realize
Greenery dies eventually
But the golden desert
Is forever unchanging.

Just Outside My Window

Created: Jul 28, 2010


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