By ashleyactually

she wish she were a mute
a mute of all activities that surrounded her
muted to the falsifying thoughts of dislocated humans.
muting the as per usual human emotions that take craze and wreak havoc on her sanity.
she wish she were a mute
that way she doesn't have to fall prey to premonitions of and segways to alternate universes of her what if's.

we said
"outsmart it all, just, just."

but she forever continued she were a mute to the words that stuck.

oh oh oh
how she dreamed she wished her wishes came true.
but fair well, do well, she one.
because the unknown brings on a heap of decisions that you thought were right
and so you must learn there is no right way do do things
only trying to focus on the fairytale reality of the right and having outcomes.
and that's how the world works so never cease to fail on the idea of great opposites and imaginary lines of good and bad
and right and wrong because we need these to make life go round.

or that's what we say.
but everything is what we say say say

and saying is living
so maybe she does not want to be a mute
because wanting is saying something
and saying is not muting at all.


Created: Jul 28, 2010


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