Wasted time

By grcwriter

The underbelly of my smile...

Wasted time
Like razor blades
slip though my hands.
Years spend with
Instinctive, insincere smiles...

Something happened,
To set me on this path...
Unfindable, unremembered
Unfixed broken gap of human development...

Wasted minutes
Like razor blades
Slip through my hands,
And complacent,
I let them.

Mourning their loss
But can't repent,
Revive, recover.
Seeing my flaws with 20/20 vision
I k now more minutes lost are my future.

Therein lays the key
To my despair, depression,
Having been taught
From birth
Not to fight for anything for myself.

Wasted years
Like razor blades
Skip through my hands
And when all spent
I'll have nothing to show for them.

No great joy, great sorrow, great works...
No great sins, great loves, great hates...

Not even hands to reach out
In supplication
To ask for more
To reach for more LIFE in my life...

Like razor blades
Run through my mind...
Sharp and cutting,
But not deep enough to find
The resolve, reaction,
That aids me...
Let's me in,
Or out,
Of this...

Wasted time

Created: Jul 08, 2009


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