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I wrote this Seussian poem when I was younger describing a made up creature called "The Fiffles"

It went something like...
"Ahh yes, I remember the Fiffles
They ate waffles with pickles and played wiffle ball.
A curious creature with far fetched features, the fiffle stood four feet tall.

What I have here is a hip hop instrumental that has energy similar to the Fiffles: something Silly and Seussian.

Ideas for collaborations include: emcee with whimsical content, video artist to accompany the soundtrack, musician to remix (just ask for stems!), someone to create a children's story.

Word up!

Created: Jul 27, 2010

Tags: pickles, love, seuss, bass, mouth sounds, whimsy, sped up vocals, light, jazz, need video, emcee, silly, hand drums, instrumental, changes, bongos, hip hop

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