A Story of Faces

By bozoyozo

(I don't know what this is, it just kind of came into my head so I let it roll where it would.)

He was like any other person. He inhaled, exhaled, fell asleep, woke up, performed all the typical human functions. However, not every person was like him. He was a Petri Face. In a world overrun by Baby Faces, he had the unfortunate combination of genetics and hormones making him a Petri Face.

Every morning outside his window, where Baby Faces often heard a friendly "tweet-tweet", he heard birds trill a mocking "pe-tri". Perhaps he heard what he wanted to hear, maybe birds did develop the ability to ridicule with their innocent song, but he heard it all the same. After waking, he went to the bathroom where his medicine cabinet overflowed with prescriptions and home remedies. None worked. His Petri Face remained as blotchy as ever.

He walked to the neighborhood park, head bowed self-conciously as Baby Faces passed him on either side. The snobbier Baby Faces shoved him, while others avoided contact completely for some still believed Petri Faces were contagious. On the rare occasion a fellow Petri Face was seen on the street, he'd make eye contact in an attempt to forge at least the shadow of a bond with another Face. This failed every time.

Upon arriving at the park, he sat a respectable distance away from anyone and observed Baby Face life. Most walked hand-in-hand with another Baby Face, thrilled they'd found someone able to spawn more Baby Faces. Others lay in the grass, an umbrella pounded in the ground so as to protect their delicate Baby Face from the sun's harsh rays. As he scanned the area, he noticed an unusual Baby Face. No oversized hat or umbrella protected her, instead she faced the sun as directly as possible. Bewilderment crossed his Petri Face when she suddenly looked at him and waved. This acknowledgement scared him. Frozen in fear, he didn't know what to do when the Baby Face sat next to him.
"Hi," she said.
He'd memorized his Petri Face, and so began recounting all his splotches in his head.
"Beautiful day," Baby Face remarked.
'1, 2, 3...'
"Are you afraid of me?" She touched her Face self-conciously, like it was something to be ashamed of.
'10, 11, 12...'
"I know I'm a Baby Face," she sighed, "but Baby Faces are so boring. All they notice are Faces. Petri Faces notice anything but."
He looked at her nervously, "yes... it is a beautiful day," he stammered.
"You know, I'd love to be a Petri Face."
"You're kidding."
"The best people I've met have one thing in common, they aren't Baby Faces." She put her hand on his knee reassuringly.

He felt something deep inside unlike anything a thousand eye contacts could make him feel. What was the word? Acceptance.

The sun hit their smiling Faces, and no one could tell who was a Petri Face and who was a Baby Face. They were simply human.

A Story of Faces

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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