Lulu Vs. The Apocalypse

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Little Lulu stood in front of her decimated home, alone and confused and frightened. Her friends and family were gone. Even her dog, Lola. The birds, the blue sky, that apple tree in the neighbors' yard - all gone. And today was her seventh birthday. There was supposed to be a party.

So Lulu set out on foot (because her bicycle was gone too) in search of an oasis within this wasteland. She kept her head up and eyes forward, which was too bad, because if she'd turned around she would have noticed the saplings and sprigs and sprouts that had emerged from her footsteps.

But she didn't. She just walked and walked and walked.

The seas were hardly puddles now, barely up to her waist. The mountains lacked trees and goats. The deserts hadn't changed much. They were still deserted.

She kept walking and walking and walking. Still, she found nothing. Behind her, however, was all the world. A jungle. A snowy peak. A star. Even though she saw none of this, she was still full of hope.

Time left her alone. After some grumbling, hunger and thirst let her be as she circumnavigated the globe.

One day she found what she was looking for. It looked familiar too. She stopped and looked behind her. It was her old street. She heard some children giggling in a nearby yard.

That's our yard, she thought, and ran the rest of the way home. It was a beautiful day. Blue skies. And Lulu made it back just in time for her birthday party.

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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