By lauratron

My love has returned as he does every year
With his dark embrace and passionate temper,
His eyes sparkling with frost.
We turn away from the golden sun to notice
The leaves falling away, leaving monuments
Of green needles, ever beautiful against the cool gray sky.

I sink into his embrace and feel his breath -
Cool on my skin -
And I am alive as a chill runs through my body.
I drink him in, as he breathes serenity into my mind.
I surrender and I feel the weight of mortality,
Knowing that eventually things must change, and he must go.

Everything grows sweeter and more full,
With Life as his acquaintance he turns my garden from green to red,
Delighting in the manipulation.
But only with Death as his partner does he lose himself completely
As the red turns to ash-gray.

Now he is too far gone in his conversation with Death
And I know he will not return.
I am left standing on the hard frozen tundra
Watching him leave, knowing I will eventually see him again.


Created: Jul 27, 2010


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