Evolve. Elevate. Celebrate.

By MirrorKing

evolution, future of humanity, mindlessness, enlightenment, hope, next generation

Far too many people use only the under-evolved parts of the human brain. Pure reaction to environmental stimuli, instead of calculated reflection. This takes away the sense of higher meaning to life, exposing it to be nothing but the same repetitive cycle: masticate, defecate, procreate, hibernate. With or without thinking, we would lead the same lives. All of us do, until the day we die.

But if we choose to record our lives, we can break this insane cycle and move on. Then we could decide that since it's already been done before, we don't have to do it again. Then we can be free to open doors to new possibilities. It would ensure that the future generations can have the hope of feeling and being something more, doing something different, living higher.

Evolve. Elevate. Celebrate.

Created: Jul 06, 2009

Tags: mindlessness, hope, enlightenment, evolution, next generation, future of humanity

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