By monicazeeeennn

today i cried
today i felt helpless and weak
today the hole in my heart felt the bullet that scarred it.

today i felt angry
today i screamed
cried at the unfairness of the world
today it got me.

today i wept and i can't say it "felt good"
today i felt the blood from my heart seep out of my eyes.

today i felt helpless
today i felt weak
and with a broken heart, i could not sleep.

today i stared at your picture and shed the tears my eyes had forgotten to cry.

today i felt jealous
today i felt angry
today, i asked the universe why others get their older sister
their friend
their person
and mine left early

but today...
today i smiled
and today i laughed
today your bittersweet memory filled our house.

today i grieve
today i love

tonight i'll sleep
and dream of you.


Created: Jul 27, 2010


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