Morning Blues (free verse)

By thatsALEXwithaW

Waking up cold and shivering
Listening to what the radio's delivering
News about the economy and traffic on the I40
Moving my curtains to see a dark and dreary morning
Head to the bathroom, turn on the light
Yawning as the radio goes back to playing songs
Looking at the mirror, what do I see
A pair of crusty eyes squinting back at me
I brush my teeth and wash my face to take me out of this funk
All the while thinking, I need to take a dump
Getting into the shower for a minute or thirty five
Getting out feeling fresh and alive
Turn on the tv to watch more news
My 6:30 am morning blues
Put on a shirt, some jeans, and fix my hair
Getting ready to leave my home/lair
On the bus, I stiffle a yawn
As a look out the window at differt front lawns
Put on my ipod to drown out the noise
Filling my ears up with Beastie Boys
Arriving at school a quater past eight
Hoping that I didn't arrive late
I put my jacket away and close my locker door
Taking a huge sigh, looking at the floor
Two hands suddenly cover my eyes
Two hands that make me jump in surprise
Two hands that belong to a girl
The most beautiful in the world
I turn around expecting a kiss
Without missing a beat, she plants one on my lips
She then grabs my hand and leads me upstairs
I almost stumble and fall, but I don't care
One more minute until last bell rings
Wandering out loud what first period will bring
She sits at her desk as I clean my shoe
A smile creeps on my face
My morning blues...

Morning Blues (free verse)

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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