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While I do love, in a way, the dual functionality of the big red button and the two form fields, either as a username, password, and trigger to log in, or as a username, password, and trigger to use those [unrecognized] pieces of information on the Joining page--

It gets complicated. First of all, pressing a button that says "Join" whenever I wish to log in to a website that I have already joined is just kind of weird. Beyond that somewhat forgettable quirk, it does cause problems if, say, I mistype my username and it therefore detects a new profile. It will then send me to the Join page, and the big red button and form fields are no longer available for me to try logging in again, because they have been replaced with page-specific graphics. Then I have to go back to the hitRECord home page to try again.

Again, this is a fairly small issue and I do kind of like the dual functionality, as I said. It's pretty cool. But I wonder if there isn't a way to preserve that cool factor while asking the design to make a little more sense.

Created: Jul 27, 2010

Tags: join, hitrecord, login

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