With Regard to Color

By Fletcher

With Regard to Color
by Fletcher

The funny thing is that nobody ever thought to find out where they came from. No research, no studies, no explanations. I guess we never really needed them.

That’s not right. I’m sure there was somebody somewhere looking into it. There must have been, it’s human nature, right? Something strange happens for no apparent reason, there has to be a person looking into it.

I guess even if they found out where the butterflies came from, nobody would really care.

They showed up so long ago, you see. Unannounced, unexpected. Just one morning, we all woke up and there was a butterfly there on the pillow next to you. One for everybody.

That does sound strange, doesn’t it? When you say it out loud, I mean.

But still, a butterfly for every single person on the planet.

And you couldn’t kill them. Not that you’d want to, not everyone. But if you did, another would show up within minutes. No point of origin, you’d just have a brand new butterfly when you turned around.

I called mine Dave. He’s yellow.

A couple of months after they appeared, people noticed patterns. The colors could actually illustrate what sort of person you are. Debates still rage about what color means what personality, but I’ll tell you this – I still avoid people with dark red butterflies.

Like I said, nobody ever looked for a reason. People all agree, though, that things are just a little happier when you have a butterfly with you every day.

With Regard to Color

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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