The Universe Told Me So

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Last week I was sitting on the edge of the moon. What a beautiful night it was! The stars seemed to glow so brightly. Small wispy clouds floated by and small puffs of snowflakes swirled about.

''Why do you sit on my chin?" asked the moon.
"I am lost in wonder, Mr. Moon."
"Well," said the moon, :from my past experience to be lost in wonder could take you to faraway places."
"It can? Like where, Mr. Moon?
"To the Land of Anywhere, and there your mind will guide you."
:Will I get lost, Mr. Moon?
"No for the stars will keep your way lit and the rings of saturn will be your path"
A gentle breeze began to blow. "I feel a slight breeze, Mr. Moon What does this mean?
"The breeze is the entrance to the land of anywhere so let your thoughts flow and you will be on your way."
:thanks Mr. Moon"
Slowly the moon shut his eyes and I turned to look off into the distance to see the misty Rings of Saturn unfold into a long narrow path. One end of the path began at the chin of the moon and the other end I could not see at all . I stepped off the moon and sat down cross-legged on a star and off we went. The path went up and down like a roller coaster and I felt my eyes would just pop if we did not stop soon. We darted in and out around old planets and rocks which were old stars which burned out years ago. I bet you did not know that the Rings of Saturn are little rainbows which leave the earth when they are finished and come here to be ice crystal rainbow paths. The star began to slow down and a few feet ahead of me was a large sign which read, "Hold out your hands , place them in a cup shape and look straight ahead. Do not look in your hands." As I did this , my hands began to tingle and my hair stood up on my head, just in front of me two stars shaped like hearts appeared.
The stars glowed a deep red and right in the center of each one was a royal blue star. At the base of the heart-shaped stars were six pink star-shaped steps. I hopped off the star I had been riding and place my foot gently on the first pink step. Then I slowly made my way up to the base of the two hearts where there was a small platform. In the center of the platform was a pool of water . Floating on the pool were little white shells with lighted green candles in each one. I bent down to look into the pool to see my reflection but there was none-- just the reflection of the candles in the shells. Staring at the pool in utter amazement I could see a white glow coming from the bottom of the pool. I straighted up backed away a little.
The water began to part and up out of it came two large , white wings. The wings floated open and on the ends of all the feathers were the white shells with green candles. I could hear the sound of many children singing joyously. The colors in the robe of this Being were those of the Rings of Saturn.
"I am the Universe ," a soft voice said.
I felt so happy that tears of joy began to fall down my cheeks. Then a hand reached out from the Universe and on the tip of its finger it caught a tear.
"I see in your tear a heart of wonder
"Yes that is true, Universe."
"I feel your heart is trying to reach out to someone."
" My heart is trying to to reach , but how did you know this, Universe?"
" Because I am everywhere and I see , feel and hear all."
" Do you know who my heart is reaching out to, Universe?"
"Yes I do"
"will you tell me Universe?"
" No search your heart and you will see the person you are trying to reach and then you must tell them."
"Will it hurt me, Universe?"
" All I can say is trust in yourself." With these last words the Universe flapped its large wings and I could hear the sound of children singing again. The stars around me began to fade. I shut my eyes and then opened them wide . I was lying in my bed facing the window and looking out toward the horizon. I could see the beautiful glow of the Universe and the beginning of a new day.

would anyone like to put some art with this?

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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