Anime Series

By jake_catseye

A Long Night

Back Story:

The story begins with a video game designer, named Jake Catseye, looking for work, and finds an ad on a telephone pole for a dream study at a local college. He agrees to undergo an experimental process that will augment his dreams so not only is he aware that he is dreaming, but he is in control of them as well, but he must undergo some sleep deprivation for the testing to work. When he finally falls asleep while hooked up to the machineā€¦ lightning strikes the building causing a power surge. He is sent home, but when he picks up work on his latest creation of a game of all genres, he gets sucked inside of his game, and his body is left in a coma-like state, while his subconscious plays for its way to return.

Anime Series

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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