sleep now december

By lindsayrae

december creeps like candlelight
and grasps my tender heart
with thirty-one gelid fingers
that with each touch remind
me of the evasive warmth that
is chased by cloudy december.

december bathes in white
reminiscent of a wedding,
and the subsequent month long
pregnancy that ensues,
giving birth to december's
virgin daughter, january;
yet winter eyes search for
an ineludible funeral.

december is a requiem
sung by the naked trees
that dance in the moonlight
singing of this year’s january
who now grows old and weary
and will soon be laid to rest
under glistening new year’s snow.

december hides her tears
from the world. can you see her
pain frozen in the sleet? notice:
her frore blood drips slowly when
teary icicles pierce her frostbitten
heart as she waits quietly for her
precious daughter to bring forth
her long awaited spark.

and the blithe carolers
continue to revel in
the snowy streets
of december.

sleep now december

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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