By Kimiko_lynn

Lying down, she could see the full moon through the blue blinds that brought to mind the color of her daddy's eyes. She wondered how he was doing, and if he even knew she was sick. He had to. It had been months since she started in and out of the hospital. It wasn't that she came home to die; it was that she came home to finish living.
She hated hospitals. The smell of stale sick was always too much to handle.
Staring at the light from the slightly obscured moon, she decided to take a chance. Tonight, she would fly.

* * *

At first, she didn't know how to go about it. In her 18 years of life, she had never tried to fly. Should she leap from the window? Should she jump on the bed 'til the ceiling no longer restricted her? No. She decided to lie on her bed until flight embraced her.
At first she thought it a silly notion, flight, but somehow she knew that it would work. She closed her eyes and relaxed. She could feel herself start to tingle, like every part of her was buzzing with excitement. She filled her head with happy thoughts, like Peter Pan, and then it happened.
The lift was slow. At first she thought she was dreaming, but then she opened her eyes. Her dog, which was lying near her feet, now sat upright, wagging her tail as her person flew around the room. The girl gave her dog a big hug and kiss, and the dog licked her lovingly on the cheek. The girl opened the window to her small bedroom and blew a kiss to her dog.
As long as she could fly, she thought to herself, she might as well make the most of it. Her first destination was to her boyfriend's house.
They had been going out for over a year, and they were crazy for each other. He visited her every time she was in the hospital, and every time he would kiss her on the forehead before he left.
Flying over the city was gorgeous. There were small twinkles of light set against dark, brooding mountains. As she flew over, she thought how she would love to share it with him.
When she arrived, the house seemed so serene, like in 50's pictures. The window was closed, but as if by magic, a soft breeze carried her through. The only indication of her entrance was a slight stir from her sleeping love. He's so perfect, she thought to herself.
She penned the words,' I love you more than life itself' onto a piece of paper and put it in his hand. Then she kissed him gently on the forehead and left.
Her next destination was still unknown. She flew around the city for awhile, marveling at its beauty, and then she had the urge to fly up. Straight up. Normally, she was afraid of heights, but right now, everything was ok.
She flew toward the clouds, and they tickled her nose as she passed them. Soon the stars were visible. She could see every one. As she passed them, she noticed some were bright balls like they teach in school, and some were just like the picture books. Either way, they shined a little brighter, as if to say hello.
Then she saw galaxies. They were even more magnificent in person. She couldn't wait for her dad to see. He was the reason she fell in love with the stars.
Then memories started to flash in her head. Pictures of her mom and dad, and her brother and sister she loved so much. Even her dog and boyfriend came to mind, like snapshots from memories. It was the happiest she'd ever been.

* * *

In the morning, her mother came to wake her. She had a smile on her face, and she smelled of night air and stars and kisses.
No one ever knew what her last thoughts were. They only hoped that she was happy. And she was, because she knew that someday they would fly too.


Created: Jul 27, 2010


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