Dream of the Smile (horror)

By shadow88storm

This is a short sample of a horror video I've been working on. I've animated the beautiful photos of TheBrightside into this clip.

Basically, it's is a story about a woman's soul that's been trapped inside a beautiful doll. For security and material comfort she married a man of wealth who controlled her and shaped her into the fake plastic image he desired. As she sleeps her memories of a happiness crash against her consciousness. Her spirit has been dormant for years she awakens to realize the transmogrify of what she has become.

The memory of her smile serves as her guardian angel and the last remaining connection to her very essence.

This is not a slasher killer type of horror story but one people live everyday resulting from the consequences of their actions. I would be happy to have some contribute some audio or music.

My idea is to have a female narrate a literary piece explaining how she ending up a doll, her memories of happiness and the struggle she now faces to reclaim her spirit.

Dream of the Smile (horror)

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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