By Remo

For some reason the first time I uploaded it, it didn't work. Anyways, here it is again! I worked on it for quite some time.

It's what we are,
The thoughts,
The dreams,
The inevitable is under par.

Purple virga stains,
Crossing trenches,
Stuck within our brains,
Feigning life, never really gone.

Miles of distance,
To help you understand,
Observe from the mirror,
Lost within your eyes.

Predict the outcome,
As your mind begins to crawl,
Your thoughts are geting misty,
Death behind the skies.

Your brain takes over,
With a mind of its own,
You're losing control,
Roll the dice.

Miles of distance to,
To help you understand,
Your feigning life,
Never really gone.

It defines,
The thoughts,
The dreams,
Don't read the end, before it starts.

Purple virga stains,
Never gone.


Created: Jul 27, 2010


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