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A 26 year old lead singer of a popular rock band has a heart attack on stage during one of his concerts. He is rushed to the hospital but is pronounced dead before ambulance gets to the hospital. The men of the band leave the concert and rush over the hospital as fast as they can. When they get there all of the men are filled with tears when they find out about his passing. Minutes later, the lead singers younger brother who is 22 years old comes running into the hospital. When he finds out about his death, he blames the men for his death. He gets upset and punches one of guys in the face before he's about say sorry about his brothers death. He then is dragged outside by the other men and one says, "What the hell is your problem? We're all sorry about your brother's death." He leaves the men and runs back home. While running it starts pouring, he starts letting out his tears of sadness as he runs through streets. Then all of the sudden he kneels to the ground and cannot stop crying. He gets up and makes it in the door of his parents home and nobody is there. He is soaked with water and walks to his room to change but instead goes into his brothers room. He walks in to see all the guitars his brother has and all the pictures he has up on his wall. He sits on his brothers bed and lies back and closes his eyes. He falls asleep and begins to think of the memories he had with his brother. All of the sudden he wakes up and it's morning. He gets out of bed and walks outside the room towards kitchen and sees his mom lying on the couch with a kleenex box next to her. Seconds later his mom gets up from the couch and goes over to hug him.
Later what happens next is a funeral where the men of the band and many fans attend along with family. In the days to come after the funeral, the men argue with each other and break up the band because there's no lead singer. The 22 year old man steps in and says that he will be the lead singer. The men don't think the band will go far and they all agree to say no to him being the lead singer. He responds to them, "C'mon I can do it. I can sing." The men then test him and challenge him and learn that the he has a chance to become a good lead singer. They all come together and they become a rising rockstar band. They become a huge success and the young man dedicates his success to his brother. He writes a song about his brother and it becomes a hit single on the radio. From that point it leads the band on an amazing journey of success. The men unite and they become brothers.

Created: Jul 27, 2010


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