A Different View Through the Looking Glass

By Dani_Tanner

Okay, so I wanted to contribute to this project, but have no idea what I'm doing as it pertains to participating. So, hopefully this goes where it needs to go. Basically I came up with a beat music and mixed it, then wrote some lyrics. I didn't dare sing it, cuz that will turn out all kinds of awful, so hopefully someone else can come up with a melody to go with the lyrics :-)
So I looked through the looking glass
And it looked back at me
I saw him lying on the grass
Not knowing I could see

But who was she touching him like that
All I know it wasn’t me
He’s smiling like some cheshire cat
I slowly count to three

A rabbit with a timepiece
Stops by and counts with me
He gets to 2 then has to cease
Says he’s late for tea

Before he leaves he takes my hand
“A gun I give for free
Just point and aim from where you stand
A rush I promise thee"

He scampers off into the glass
Down a hole he does flee
I realized then much time had passed
And knew that that was the key

I looked again through that shiny glass
And it looked back at me
There was nothing left there in that grass
Blades blowing in the breeze

No lover lost to a girl with flash
A femme fatale on her knees
It was then I knew that piece of trash
Had truly set me free.

A Different View Through the Looking Glass

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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