Storyboard 13

By JPeezy

Panels 73 – 78 are:

as I realized what I had killed.

In the twenty years since, I've not won at a game
be it gin, blackjack, poker, roulette.
And my sad golden years I spend soaking in beers,
pushing broomsticks and nursing regret.

Learn the lesson well told from the gaberdine rogue,
and the limited range of a knife.
Take your moral well writ from the two-tone-shoed kid,
how one's sole is not worth wealth in life.

But these valuable tales, if all set on the scales
would be tipped (maybe toppled, at that)
by the one piece of truth every gambler should know,
that is: ...

Storyboard 13

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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