By kittiewonder

Tell another lie so I can make it through the day
Promise me that things won’t always come to be this way
Somehow I will find your voice inside me that will say
“Don’t worry love, I'm here for you, it's gonna be okay”

Tell another story to escape what’s really real
Make it so I’ll feel the things I really want to feel
Fix the sores inside of me that I just can’t get to heal
And while you’re there, my heart is left for you alone to steal

Tell another joke so I can laugh away my pain
I’ll think of you instead of this as teardrops fall like rain
Give me something better than what’s clogging up my brain
And push me further from the jump that leads from all that’s sane

Tell another tale of love that overcomes the bad
Somehow, you’ll replace the times that made me feel so sad
Take me to the times when I could say that I was glad
Don’t leave me here to drown in all the things I could have had

Tell me something good to make the shadows disappear
Pull me back to daylight when the dark is drawing near
Speak those silent words that only hearts know how to hear
And in that moment, tell me I have nothing left to fear

Tell me that the world is not as bad as it may seem
And in the face of emptiness, I’ll still know how to dream.


Created: Jul 26, 2010


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