"John Darrow's Thoughts"

By CreativityConnection

What if for years you were able to hear other people's thoughts, and people's thought's became your reality, you have your own thoughts, but, from time to time, you pick up on a thought, similar to a radio station, you know when your driving in a car and the station becomes fuzzy, and you can hear another song. This is what John Darrows has lived with for years.

He is able to, or rather, regardless of if he is able to or not, without it being his choice, he picks up on other people's thoughts, one person, with one thought at a time and slowly John lives it out and believes it to be his own, original thought.. All John has to do to inherit a thought, is walk past, drive past, or go past a person. He cannot let go of a thought and stop living it out until it is completed. Some thoughts have taken very little time to complete, such as a girl who wanted to make a cupcake, and John went about making a cupcake, to another time when John read into one mans thought of getting a girl he loved for years, to go out with him, and John does this, only this takes him 1 year to complete (of course understandably, the girl falls in love with John, but John's task is done, he moves on leaving the girl utterly confused...)

John lives his life, unlike anyone else in this world. You see John isn't able to control what he chooses to think because once one person's thought runs into his mind (he cannot choose who's thought's, he lives his life unable to choose this), he acts out his life as that person who holds that original thought would.

John has no choice, this challenges free will, claimed insane by some (such as when he even dresses as a little girl to make a cupcake), to a genuine contributer to society and gentleman when he tunes into one man's thought of helping people with disabilities finish school. He lives this life, and when he dies, like the one before him, it is passed on, to another, like a thought.

Go off this thought, maybe create new "thoughts" John tunes into, and create perhaps a longer version of my idea, or maybe a short film, or anything creative really, maybe narrow it down much shorter and simpler to create a short film, basically anything you want to do, its open for creativity! Would love to work with you all on this one! take care..



Created: Jul 26, 2010


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