The Slothasaurus and the Snapdragon

By estacionar

The Slothasaurus and the Snapdragon
[Semi inspired by my love for animerz and the fatasmagorical Jabberwocky]

The Slothasaurus lazily lounged on the limb
Of a tree.
Nonchalantly singing John Lennon’s
Let it Be.

The Snapdragon callously clapped
A slow one.
Nose turned upwardly, he was:
No fun.

The other creatures gathered ‘round
To hear.
“Let it be let it be” and drink
Animal beer.

The Snapdragon suddenly turned:
“Beatles are gross creatures!”
He was not happy.

The Slothasaurus came down from
The tree.
The other animals lingered by

The Rabbiteer checked his watch and
Checked it a lot.
But the Rabiteer had no watch
He was caught.

Birdman Jay looked at the ground
listening intently for the imminent

Because nobody loved the snapdragon
Bitter and cold.
He was harsh and age with

But the Slothasaurus he was...
Even to the darndest devils,
The lice.

Finally their eyes met with peaking
Animals waiting for the Snapdragon’s

But the Slothasaurus came arms opened
W i d e.
The Snapdragon hadn’t seen this change in
The tide.

The Rabiteer nibbled violently on
His vice.
He had tried to give up Carrot Slims
More than twice.

The Snapdragon finally came
Face to face.
As he awkardly accepted the
Warm embrace.

The animals cheered, threw arms
In the air
And the Snapdragon—he smiled-- without
A care.

Needless to say, the Rabiteer no longer gave to
His whims.
And altogether quit those damn
Carrot Slims.

The Slothasaurus and the Snapdragon

Created: Jul 26, 2010

Tags: lewis carroll, jabberwocky

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