Into Entropy By Beth Stanyer

By bstanyer

A short 5 min script I have written and am currently filming.


Elliot is curled up in a ball on the floor of his living
room. He is in his underwear and nothing else. He looks like
he has not bathed in days. He is filthy, scruffy, and

The room is a disaster area. None of the furniture is
upright and there is garbage everywhere. Broken objects are
scattered all over the floor.

A loud knocking at the door startles Elliot awake. He blinks
rapidly and sits up in a defensive position.

Elliot Archer this is the police!
Open up!

Elliot jolts up and scrambles to the door nearly tripping
over various objects along the way.

Not supposed to be here.. Here.. Why
here? Cant be here. Not allowed..

The knocking continues and the police are still talking. But
they have become muffled and the noise has overcome their

Alright, Kick it down.

No.. No Trespassing. Not Permitted.

The door is suddenly kicked open. Elliot screams and
scrambles backwards into a the nearest corner of the room.

No no no no no no no no no no no...
Cant be here. Going to make a mess.
Olivia doesn't like it when its a

Elliot slides down the wall and cowers from the police with
his hands above his head.

The police move in slowly and one of them pulls his arms
away from his head.

Elliot's body is like a rag doll and his arms just flop to
the ground beside him. Elliot zones out and goes catatonic.


Elliot is wandering around the house in his underwear. He is
picking things up and moving them around. Adjusting them in
a very ocd way.

Late. Shes late. Never late.. Always
on time.

Someone knocks on the door.

Late late late... Breaking the
rules. Always on time that's the

Mr. Archer? This is the police. We
would like to ask you a few

Elliot stops his muttering immediately and stares at the
door with wide eyes. He stands there silent and perfectly
still until the Police stop knocking and leave. He relaxes
and then goes back to his muttering and picking at things
right where he left off, like nothing ever happened.


Elliot enters the office workplace. It is busy and noisy
with several people moving around going about their work.
Elliot is clutching his briefcase tightly to his chest and
moving around quickly to avoid people. He moves through the
office to a door in the back.

Gotta work. Working is normal. No
one will notice. Gotta be normal..

He enters his office and hurriedly closes the door. He sighs
in relief as the office noise lessens. He moves around the
office touching everything for a moment. Adjusting a pen in
his pencil cup he give the room one more glance over. He
then places is briefcase next to his desk and adjusts its
position to make sure that it is straight.

He sits in his chair and pulls it right up to the desk then
begins to sort mail. All the while muttering the names of
the people that the mail is addressed to.

Janet.... Derek.... John....

As he sorts and mutters a noise begins to creep up and get
louder and louder. As the sound gets louder his movements
and muttering become more frantic and erratic.

Lisa.. Robert.. Nathan..

There is a knock at the door. Elliot doesn't hear it and
continues his frantic muttering. The door opens and his BOSS
walks in.


Again Elliot doesn't hear him. His boss observes him for a
second with a concerned look on his face. He then moves
towards Elliot and gently touches his arm.

Elliot are you okay?

Elliot flinches and scrambles away from the touch almost
falling out of his chair. He sputters in panic.

Boss is here. I'm doing my work!
Perfectly normal. Nothing wrong.
Nothing.. Nothing wrong.

The Boss, wide eyed with concern, moves slowly and
cautiously away from Elliot.

Elliot do you need me to call
someone? Do you need me to call

Elliot flinches again and his eyes widen. He starts to
breath heavily.

No no no... Olivia was late. Never
late. Always follows the rules. Had
to come to work anyway. Its the
rule. Gotta follow the rules.

Okay Elliot. I'm just going to go to
my desk and call her for you. I will
be right back okay?

Okay.. okay. Everything is okay.

The Boss stares at Elliot for a second and then slowly
leaves the office and heads for his desk down the hall.
Elliot immediately leaps out of his chair and grabs his
briefcase. He then leaves quickly and heads down the hall
towards the exit and away from his boss.

The boss can be seen leaving his office again and heading
back to Elliot's office.

Elliot I've called her and left a

The Boss stops talking when he enters the office to find
Elliot gone.


Inside Elliot's home the door can be heard unlocking. It
opens to reveal Elliot and he enters. He looks filthy and he
is covered in blood that is not his own.

He closes the door behind himself and shakily locks it then
stumbles into his living room and stops when he sees a
picture of Olivia and himself.

He stands shakily and twitches. Everything goes silent. His
body suddenly stops its twitching and his face is stone
like. He snaps and the noise is unbearable. He mindlessly
starts to destroy everything in his living room. He smashes
his computer, flips over his table, tears decorations off
the walls etc.

He then looks down at himself and sees the blood every
where. Horrified he frantically tears the jacket shirt and
pants from his body, ripping everything in the process.
He goes to his closet in his room and pulls out his
briefcase. He brings it into the living room and hurriedly
places the clothing into the briefcase and locks it shut.
He carefully places the briefcase on the table and stumbles
to the bathroom.

He runs an extremely hot bath and paces frantically until it
is full. He then climbs in without removing his boxers. The
blood starts to wash off his body and seep into the water.
He rocks back and fourth twitching and muttering.

Wasn't safe. Told her it wasn't


Elliot is walking down the street with Olivia. They are
holding hands and Olivia is carrying a paper pharmacy bag.
They walk for a bit and then Olivia stops.

Come on Elliot lets cut through the
alley. Its cold out and this will be

I don't know Livia.. Its not very
safe. Doesn't look very safe.

Nonsense. Come on Elliot, its
perfectly safe.

Elliot sighs and reluctantly continues on. While walking
Olivia continues to talk.

So this new prescription should last
you a month as long as you continue
to take the proper dose.

Elliot doesn't say anything, he just nods and picks at his

They are about half way down the alley when someone comes
out of a shadowed corner wielding a metal pipe. The SHADOW
PERSON attacks Olivia, throwing her down causing the bag
with the medication to crash to the ground. The bottle
breaks open and the pills spill out.

Elliot stands there in shock and watches as the Shadow
Person kills Olivia. The Shadow Person gets up and moves
towards Elliot. Elliot looks from Olivia to the Shadow
Person and snaps. His face becomes angry and dark.
He lunges at the Shadow Person and grabs the pipe. He
viciously beats the Shadow Person until he is crumpled on
the ground and no longer breathing. Elliot drops the pipe to
the ground goes over to Olivia and kneels beside her.

Not safe. Said it wasn't safe. Not
safe at all..

Elliot gets up and stumbles down the alley towards home. He
drips a trail of blood behind him and passes the spilled
pills causing blood to splatter down covering them in red.

Into Entropy By Beth Stanyer

Created: Jul 26, 2010

Tags: short script

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