I am parallel to the ground.

By Demetra

sinking into the foam
breathing in a sheet corner
and my arm pinned under me.
yesterday, today,
probably tomorrow.

sometimes i get up
but most of the time
i ignore the buzzing of my phone
half-open an eye
shift a wrist
and feel that awake-time-sea-sickness
right beneath my eyebrows
before collapsing under
the on-sale white sateen surf

i walked for three hours alone in venice
i think that was yesterday
i didn't even really know how to get there
i didn't mean to walk so much...
i just mistakenly parked so far away
from the music and the t-shirts and stupid
that my flats took in a few miles
and when i saw that kite, and the tie-dyed old man,
i took a video because
i knew that at some point
i'd like to share it with you
and maybe you'd like to see it

i'd like to divorce myself
from this feeling of being
divorced from myself.

because my mind is too
to lift my eyelids.

even still, i can't tell which self is which.

but this all seems like trivia.

because now, just right now,
6:58 pm
july 25th
united states of america
i've realized that we never checked those photos
from toy story 3.

I am parallel to the ground.

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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