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By JohnnyCallMe

The story behind this photo:

I always wanted to take a breathtaking landscape photo, one afternoon I was out scouting locations and came upon this place. I concluded that it was perfect for what I wanted and returned later that evening, just before sunset. The photo was taken from an island that sits amidst a lake. It being winter, the lake was frozen over. As I looked around, daylight slowly fading, I concluded that in order to get the best possible shot, I would need to walk across the lake. I set out, my tentative footsteps crunching the hard snow. About 50 yards out I suddenly heard a series of deep cracks, which sounded almost like underwater gunshots. I felt the ice shift beneath my feet ever so slightly. I froze, not wanting to aggravate the lake any further. There was silence for a little while and I set out again. I came to the island and traversed to the top of it's highest point. I got my picture with time to spare.

The End


Created: Feb 22, 2013


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