photo[s] for poster design

By gabi-c

Hey all!

I was wondering if some of y'all could help me! I am designing a poster for a play called "Almost, Maine", and I need a photo! Now, I'm talking to all you photographers out there in this awesome community, so please please please help me out!

My idea is to have a full body photo of a guy and a girl [early 20s] decked out in winter clothes [scarfs, hats, gloves, jackets, boots, etc.] kissing [but kissing in a sweet-standing-far-apart-leaning-in-for-a-peck kiss], if that makes any sense. The image will be used as is or if need be, I would digitally vectorized the image [but I trust that y'all would come up with something that I could use as is!] I currently reside in the south, i.e. I have NOOO winter clothes, nor am I half as good of a photographer as some of you in this awesome community are.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! The more images I get, the more kick ass this poster will be! And, if y'all want, do a photoshoot! A couple in several romantic kissy positions! Kiss on the cheek, holding hands, jumping while holding hands, I don't know! Have fun with it! "Almost, Maine" is a fun, sweet, and real play about love, nine stories of love to be exact, so keep that in mind!

I would need this images as soon as possible, so please please please help me out!
Thanks again, hitRECord community!


photo[s] for poster design

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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