Tire Wheel Well

By let.it.be.cassie

I love you with a mediocre passion.
Half-hearted beats I take with half a grain of salt.
Wounds healing as break open old scabs.
What have you done again?
Little monster.
Have you been lurking under my bed?
Don’t come out now.
Stay under.
Stay out of my way.
Better yet, a suggestion to follow, go the fuck away.
Take your ideals.
Pack up the feelings and looks.
Run back to your little home and never come out.
Thought I locked you out
But you got the key.
In all honesty I gave in and handed it over.
Let’s play fair though.
Hand it back, and pack up yourself.
Open relationships are for suckers.
Guess you always liked cheery flavored lollypops.
Funny how we all fit the same mold.
Blonde little babes of the upper region
Yet I was the only one with a working brain.
And you picked the others.
I’m not bitter, I’m a good liar.

Tire Wheel Well

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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